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Our physical store Starr Gems Inc. is officially closed. We appreciate your patronage during our last 56 years of business.

Our website order form is currently down while we resituate ourselves. We are currently not taking any orders. Our online presence will resume in spring 2024, along with hopefully the launch of a new website.

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54.05.004 GB 2001 MICRO TORCH $64.95

This Torch would be a great gift for anyone who has fascination with fire! Well we supose it could be used by jewelers for small soldering repair work. We cannot ship gas but it is available for sale at grocery, hardware, smoke shops etc. We recomend purchasing a high quality gas so as to keep your torch working in tip top condition.

jewelry making set
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79.99.001 JEWELRY MAKING SET $378.00
Practically everything needed for your jewelry-making projects. All first-quality tools for sawing drilling, twisting, hammering, filing, polishing, etc.
Set Contains:
V-slot board and bench clamp • 6" flat file with handle • Sawframe • 3 assorted needle files • Sawblade • Emery paper-4 assorted • Dividers • India stone • Rule-combination mm and inch • Felt hand buff for tripoli • Center punch and scriber combination • Tripoli compound • Chinese white • Chamois hand buff for rouge • Hand drill • Red rouge • Twist drills - 6 assorted • Quick-setting adhesive • Pin vise • Soldering torch • 3 pliers: round nose, flat nose, chain nose • Asbestos-free pad • Snips • Charcoal soldering block • Ball pein hammer • Binding wire • Mallet • Hard soldering flux • Wood dapping block and punches • Flux brush • Steel ring mandrel • Silver solder • Ring clamp • Pickling compound • Setting burnisher • Soldering clamp tweezers • Prong pusher • Plain tweezers • 6" half-round file with handle • Copper tongs for pickle • "Bench Reference Manual" All of the above items come in a plastic tool box.

casting kit
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50.99.001 Casting Kit $3000.00
Starter sets for the individual or shop.
Set contains:
Pro-Cast vacuum caster with accessories • Non-asbestos gloves • Deluxe burnout oven • 25 lbs. investment • Centrifugal casting unit • Four 2-1/2" x 3" flasks • Pyrometer • Two 3-1/2" x 4" flasks • Mixing bowl • Sprue bases • Timer • Borax flux • Graduated cylinder • Vac-U-Cast • Investment scale • Casting book • Dwt. scale • Jewelry cleaner.

box joint pliers kit
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71.99.001 BOX JOINT PLIERS KIT $39.95
Contains three pliers, plus two nippers. Priced lower than when tools are purchased separately

jewelers box joint pliers kit
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Full kit contains three pliers and two cutters and in vinyl pouch. Priced lower than when tools are purchased separately

polishing buffing kit for small motors
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Just right for 1/15 HP motors with variable speeds.

Kit contains:
2-1/2" diameter muslin buff for tripoli • 2-1/2" diameter cotton flannel buff for rougee • 2-1/2" diameter black bristle wheel for tripoli • 2-1/2" diameter black bristle wheel for rouge • 1/4 lb. bar of tripoli • 1/8 lb. bar of red rouge • Wood mandrel - No. 11.333• Two emery ring shells - 2/0 • Two felt bobs

polishing buffing kit for large motors
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Larger buffs and brushes for 1/6 to 1/2 HP motors with 3450 RPM.

• 4" diameter muslin buff for tripoli • 4" diameter cotton flannel buff for rouge • 2-1/2" diameter black bristle wheel for tripoli • 2-1/2" diameter black bristle wheel for rouge • Two felt crevice buffs • Two felt ring buffs • One wood mandrel • Six emery ring shells • 1/8 lb. bar of red rouge • 1/4 lb. bar of tripoli

five piece all puppose tweezers kit
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A complete, basic tweezers set. An ideal way to sample and select the proper type tweezers for most applications. The tweezers have hundreds of uses and the deluxe vinyl pouch provides handy storage. Kit contains: 4-1/2" (114 mm) pointed tweezers, 4-3/4" (121 mm) stamp tweezers, 6" (152 mm) retrieving forceps, 6" (152 mm) solder/utility tweezers and 6-1/2" (165 mm) self closing tweezers.

five piece solder utility tweezers kit
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Contains two self-closing general purpose tweezers and three utility/solder types in a vinyl pouch.

mandrel and anvil set
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65.20.001 MANDREL and ANVIL SET $185.95
Set contains anvil with bench clamp, oval bracelet mandrel , bench pin, grooved ring mandrel with sizes 1 to 7 and grooved ring mandrel with sizes 7 to 15. Shipping weight 13 lbs. (6 kg).

12 piece all purpose tweezers kit
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Kit contains:
4-3/4" (159 mm) Swiss style stainless tweezers: #1, #2A, #3, #5 and #7, 6-1/4" (15.9 cm) black non-reflective diamond tweezers, 5-1/2" (140 mm) chrome slide-lock fine diamond tweezers, 5" (127 mm) Boley style tweezers AA, 5-1/2" (140 mm) Boley style tweezers RR, 6-1/2" (165 mm) soldering tweezers and 4-5/8" (117 mm) plastic tweezers. Comes in a plastic pouch.

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